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JoDee Anderson

JoDee Anderson, celebrated public speaker & spokesperson for over 20 years, is the President of Red7 Live. JoDee leads our team of professional presenters in all types of productions, webcasts, trade shows, promotions and standing room only speeches that get customers talking.

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“During difficult economic times, companies need to get the most out of their marketing dollars, especially as trade show costs continue to climb and high-value customers become more and more difficult to attract. That’s why we decided we needed someone who could draw customers to our booth and keep their attention when we got them there. Fortunately for us, we found JoDee Anderson. JoDee mixes elegance, charisma, and a unique ability to connect with a wide variety of customers, to bring real value to her clients. Since we’ve added JoDee to our trade show effort, we’ve seen dramatically increased booth traffic, much better lead generation, and a whole lot more buzz at the shows. If you are looking for the same results, we recommend teaming with JoDee Anderson.”
Tony Wyman, Vice President of Marketing, Honeywell First Responder Products

Chris Balish

Chris has fifteen years’ experience in communications and live broadcasting for The Walt Disney Company, ABC, Time-Warner, Gannett, AMC Networks, and others.

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“Chris is a fun, funny, high-energy speaker who truly inspired our employees and partners. He really connected with the audience and motivated them to take action..”
Mike Slavich, Director of Sustainability, Warner Bros. Studios

Taylor Neville

Taylor earned a Broadcast Journalism degree from Chapman University and has been entertaining and impacting audiences every since.

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“Taylor is an absolute pleasure to work with! She is extremely reliable, professional, and the sweetest person we know. In fact, we like her work (and her) so much that we have used her for several videos for Rico’s Mexican Grill. She is able to integrate many different aspects into her videos, and will work tirelessly to capture the perfect shot. Our videos have helped us to display our family atmosphere and further connect with the community. She made everybody involved feel very comfortable and was able to make everybody on camera look very natural. We are very happy with our videos, and would recommend Whats Up Woodlands over and over again!”
Gabby Maddox, Marketing for Rico’s Mexican Grill



Brandi Rhodes

Brandi Runnels, or Rhodes as many know her, has been speaking professionally for many years. Educated in journalism and broadcasting at both the University of Michigan and the University of Miami she is well rounded in her craft. First working as a TV news anchor and reporter, then later as a spokesmodel, lifestyle model and actress for many years for clients like Budweiser, KFC, and Maxim Magazine. Most recently Brandi is known for her roles on WWE TV programming as a host, announcer and interviewer. Brandi has captivated crowds as small as 5 and as large as 100,000 people. She is internationally known and traveled, and as the daughter-in-law of legendary wrestler Dusty Rhodes, she packs the personality in everything that she does, and is always good for a bionic elbow or two!

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Tiffanie Tellez

Tiffanie has captivated audiences as an entertainer since she was 7 years old. She has a passion for people and a drive for success. Not only is she a skilled corporate speaker, but she also serves as the event coordinator for the live events marketing team. Her past experiences include working with the Walt Disney Company at the Disneyland Resort as an Entertainment Specialist where she hosted on-camera events, facilitated orientations, directed and produced safety content, specialized in training, and also danced in several different shows at the resort. Tiffanie’s background also includes working in production with DreamWorks Animation and AwesomenessTV, as well as reporting and anchoring for OC News.
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“Since using Tiffanie at our trade shows we have seen an increased level of energy, her ability to hold attendees focus is impressive and we have also found that she is a great crowd gatherer all of which results in increased lead generation and a more successful event.”
Dan Matz, Sales Manager, ErectaStep

Katie Osborne

Katie is a passionate, hard working, self starter who has a unique depth and breadth of professional experiences.  She has split her career between TV reporting/hosting for Fox Sports, ESPN, NHL, NFL, X Games, live event hosting, fashion designing and modeling.

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“We had Katie speak at NSC and she proved to be a great asset to our team! She was very personable, engaging, and really got people involved in the presentation which brought people into our booth and increased our lead generation. Her ability to connect with with customers was very impressive and that was exactly what we were looking for in a presenter.”
Ray Evans, Product Manager, SixAxis LLC

Chris Hurt

Chris Hurt was barely six years old when he discovered the joys of performing.  But it would take another fifteen years before he learned the significance of truly ‘serving’ an audience. Chris first began to hear his ‘calling’ while working with the Walt Disney Company in Orlando.

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“When we need a pro that can ‘convey’, we call Chris Hurt.  Serious. You make my job easier and it is one less thing that I have to worry about.”
Dan Bramm, Bramm Films


Madison Ellenberg

Madison Ellenburg is a driven and motivated individual who is excited to be part of the Red7 team.

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“It was our distinct pleasure to have Madison work with our on-site Honeywell team for the NSC 2015 show in Atlanta. She was a true professional assisting JoDee with our product presentations and proactively helping in other areas as time allowed. Her assistance was a great help to our team. Our senior leadership attending the show was extremely impressed with Madison, and I would not hesitate to have her work with us again.”
Denise Legato, Event Specialist Honeywell Automation and Control Solutions

Amanda Hewlett

Amanda Hewlett is a polished and professional speaker who has been on the Red7live team since 2015. She’s presented at trade shows all over the United States and has extensive experience representing a variety of international corporations and global companies. A former Miss Nevada and established brand ambassador, Amanda has been featured in TV shows for the Travel Channel, TLC, and HGTV. Her collaborative spirit, effective communication and engaging personality is sure to be an asset for your next event!

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Kaushal Patel

Kaushal Patel is an Emmy Award winning television journalist. She has fifteen years experience in live broadcasting. She didn’t grow up dreaming of being in front of the camera. And her passion for telling stories started all by accident. This journey has led her all around the world including a stint as an international anchor in Hong Kong for CNN. Over the years, Kaushal has worked on documentaries in Africa and Central America. Living in a dozen cities over the years, she has always been involved in her community. Either by emceeing events or being part of non-profits. Kaushal is a philanthropist at heart, and it’s her goal to make a difference in the world. She can handle any situation with finesse, and will exceed your expectations every time.

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Kendall Schoenekase, FNP-BC, MSN

Kendall Schoenekase is an engaging and polished professional speaker who has been on the Red7live team since 2016. She has worked as a spokesperson and presenter at trade shows and corporate events all across America and Europe, and has extensive experience representing a variety of international companies. With over 12 years of experience speaking to audiences and cameras, Kendall knows how to engage, inspire, and energize audiences through her impactful presentations. As a former Miss Kansas (Miss America Organization), you can count on Kendall to bring an extraordinary mix of passion and professionalism, and a drive to exceed your company’s goals.

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Lindsey King

Lindsey King is a public speaker who engages her audience in a friendly, warm, &  memorable way while effectively communicating your company’s message. Lindsey thrives in front of audiences. She has worked with larger audiences and also works well one on one with clients and their customers. Lindsey has been in front of audiences and cameras for over 15 years. She began her on camera work reporting for PBS sports, and has hosted nationwide infomercials. Lindsey has been a spokesperson for EMEA corporate events and has worked as spokesperson and presenter at nationwide trade shows. She also works with marketing teams in sales and communication.  She thrives with challenges and is committed to excellence. Lindsey stands out among speakers with her grace, poise and warm people skills.

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Aylin Werner

Aylin (“eye-leen”) earned her bachelor in acting from FSH University in Germany. She studied acting, speaking incl. phonetics and voice over for over 3 1/2 years. Her first time working in front of a camera was at the age of 5. While growing up she had her first acting, model and brand ambassador jobs. Being in the industry for over 20 years, she is absolutely professional, entertaining, authentic, inspiring and engaging in front of a camera and especially in front of an audience. Working mostly for television and film all over the world, Aylin enjoys the balance of her speaking career, from holding IT presentations for several global companies at trade shows/conventions to interviewing and hosting, she got it all.
Next to her native language German, she also speaks English and Turkish, Farsi and some Spanish. From working internationally as an actress, speaker and brand ambassador, she can adopt scripts and languages very fast, “communication is the key!” that’s why she’s interested in different cultures and languages. This is always a door opener for the client she is working for, getting in touch with potential new customers and business partners.

Aylin is a passionate, multitalented, hard working, eye-catcher who knows how to get the attention to engage the audience you want to reach – to reach your company goals to the possible maximum and to share your unique business philosophy.

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“We have been utilizing Red7 Live for many years now and their quality of services is always consistently the best. During our shows Red7 Live is continually running product and services demos not only to engage the audience but also to educate on technical aspects while making it fun. Our lead count is always very generous and allow us to do many valuable customer follow-ups. Red7 definitively maximizes our show and both investments in a very positive way.”
- Salisbury Assessment Solutions, Honeywell Salisbury

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