Utilize our RESULTS DRIVEN marketing & communications group to MAXIMIZE THE EFFECTIVENESS & SUCCESS of your production, online event or live event. From creation to completion, our SPECIALIZED TEAM is well-trained in creating  unforgettable content & experiences.  We offer a full suite of communications & marketing services that are designed to help your business STAND APART FROM YOUR COMPETITION.

“Team Red7 did a fantastic job, and most of the success of this show can be attributed to the work that you both put in.” – Atlatl Software

Red7 Live Event Staff (Hostesses / Greeters / Facilitators / Brand Ambassador / Greeter)

Our professional event staff will welcome your guests with a warm smile and guide customers and attendees to the appropriate area of your booth or meeting area. Our staff will engage customers and attendees in friendly conversation and instantly establish a strong rapport with the customer or attendee as well as you and your company staff. They will also be at your service to distribute literature, serve food and beverages, and be on hand to assist your staff so they are free to spend more time with important customers and clients.

Red7 Live Crowd Gatherers / Lead Generators

Do you want to increase buzz and overall traffic at your event or trade show booth? Do you want to ramp up your exposure? Then look no further than our respectfully aggressive and energetic Lead Generators and Crowd Gatherers. Not only will they bring attendees into your booth, gather crowds for your presentations and/or demonstrations, but they will also swipe badges while qualifying & generating leads, process lead forms, distribute and secure all giveaways, and maintain your theater/presentation area. When utilizing our Red7 Live Crowd Gatherers and Lead Generators, clients see an impressive ROI as the numbers of their qualified leads greatly increase.

Red7 Live Product Specialist & Demonstrators

Our friendly and engaging professional demonstrators will welcome your guests and display your product/services by guiding attendees through the operations and features of your product/services. In addition, they can distribute information on your product to potential customers. Demonstrators can turn just a regular lead into a “hot lead.”

Red7 Live Content Creators

Our highly skilled team provides expertise in all types of writing for productions, presentations, and live events as well as trade shows. Our experienced writers can create content or edit your content to get it exactly where it needs to be for a show stopper presentation.

Red7 Live Moderators & Hosts

Your professional host or moderator for your online presentation, meeting, or webinar will be an integral part of creating an impactful, successful engaging online event.  Just as they do at live events, our Red7 Live team brings a professional touch that can really make a difference in the overall success of your online event. The host/moderator will serve as the emcee welcoming attendees, introducing speakers and topics, making announcements, hosting transitions, and delivering any content you request. The host can also serve as one of your featured speakers or the main speaker delivering an impactful, polished, professional presentation/s or product demonstration/s.

Red7 Live Online Productions & Event Marketing Consulting

If you are seeking expertise in how to stand out and create buzz for online events, productions or at your live event you have found the right team. Creating an engaging and impactful overall experience, that is unforgettable for your team and/or audience, is our specialty! With our expertise and creativity, we can leave you and your audience applauding while tremendously growing your leads and opportunities.

Red7 Live Presenters / Spokespeople / Speakers / Emcees

Your speaker will deliver a presentation that really makes your organization stand out. Utilizing their unique talents, on camera and at live events, presenters excel at attracting viewers & attendees while building urgency and focus with the flair of an academy awards presenter. This talent includes actors, motivational speakers, and TV hosts who have proven abilities to deliver polished, professional presentations and/or product demonstrations. Our engaging speakers will create that sharp professional sizzle that draws in viewers from the other side of the camera and draws in attendees to your booth at live events. Because of their intelligence, and sharp, professional appearance and personality, our presenters excel at drawing and retaining the interest of viewers and attendees. If you are looking for an emcee that will add a professional flare and polishing touch to your event, look no further than our team. The emcee welcomes guests and shares the agreed upon content to your audience. They also will bring speakers on and off the stage with a professional introduction and then close out each speaking session accordingly.  If you would like to see our presenters in action please click here.

Red7 Live Speaker Trainer

Our Founder and President JoDee Anderson has represented numerous companies at nearly 1000 live events worldwide and has trained & coached individuals and business professionals all around the world. JoDee offers one on one as well as group coaching and training. With over 20 plus years of professional speaking experience she is known for her unmatched impactful speeches which integrate sales, communications, and marketing secrets. Whether your speaking to just a few or the masses she will teach you how to transform as a speaker so you can leave your audiences applauding and asking for more! Areas of engagement include a multitude of platforms that include all sizes and demographics. Her clientele reflects fortune 100, 500 and start up companies in businesses such as industrial safety and manufacturing, consumer electronics, software, I.T. and more.

Red7 Live Voice Over Services

When you need just the right voice to stop the listener in their tracks and draw them in wanting to hear more, partner with our RED7 Live. The voice in your production is a very important part of the creative approach for an impactful production. Our talented and specialist vocal team will work with you to create a lasting and memorable production that will impact your listeners. We write and record for broadcast for the world wide web, radio, television, video, film making, theater, or other presentations and productions. Adding the Red 7 Live sizzle to your broadcast will get your listeners ears tuned in. Our voice over team specializes in taking content and breaking it down word for word to deliver a recording that will emphasize just the right words at just the right moment. We work to ensure the vocal tonality, inflection, variance and timing of the recording is spot on, drawing in the listener at every level and keeping them engaged throughout the production. We can create the content for your message or simply edit your content to get every word where it needs to be. Our team offers a range of diverse voices in many styles, multiple languages, & accents. We can record in our studio or on location.

“Great customer interaction with potential customers. The presenter came across as knowledgeable and helped to bring customers into our booth. I would definitely work with red7 again.” – ErectaStep

Ask Us How to Increase Your Trade Show Leads Up to 237%

Here are a few leads increase numbers from Red7 live events.

With Red7
Zadara Storage
VM World
World of Asphalt
400-700 More
NTT Data
More than 3x

“We have been utilizing Red7 Live for many years now and their quality of services is always consistently the best. During our shows Red7 Live is continually running product and services demos not only to engage the audience but also to educate on technical aspects while making it fun. Our lead count is always very generous and allow us to do many valuable customer follow-ups. Red7 definitively maximizes our show and both investments in a very positive way.”
- Salisbury Assessment Solutions, Honeywell Salisbury

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