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With over 20 years of professional experience speaking to audiences and cameras, JoDee Anderson has left her mark on both audiences and clients all across the globe. Throughout her career she has impressed beyond measure with her professionalism, expertise, and poise. JoDee has wowed and impressed crowds around the world. You may have seen her hosting live TV shows or as an actress on Fox, Paramount or cable TV. You also may have seen her speaking at corporate events. She brings a passion and professionalism to her presentations which energizes audiences and adds credibility to your brand image. JoDee has a unique ability to present technical topics in an engaging, informative and impactful way. She has been a spokesperson on a multitude of platforms, that include all sizes and demographics. She has represented global businesses at more than 300+ live events for major brands including HP, Canon, LG, Hitachi, Sharp, Samsung, Honeywell, Broadcom, NTT, & JVC. JoDee has developed a reliable and notable reputation in the corporate world as a trusted spokesperson and corporate speaker who provides a wealth of experience. She has built her business centered on her impeccable standard of “do everything in a spirit of excellence”. This standard of excellence and success has brought JoDee to where she is today – one of the best and most highly sought after professional corporate speakers in the business.

“JoDee has that professional touch we were looking for as a presenter for ISI and its products. Her ability to learn and verbalize product information, and communicate that to the markets we serve, is astounding. JoDee has an absolute talent for drawing in an audience and holding their attention while presenting our products.”
Mark Williamson, Product & Marketing Manager, ISI-Avon Rubber

“During difficult economic times, companies need to get the most out of their marketing dollars, especially as trade show costs continue to climb and high-value customers become more and more difficult to attract. That’s why we decided we needed someone who could draw customers to our booth and keep their attention when we got them there. Fortunately for us, we found JoDee Anderson. JoDee mixes elegance, charisma, and a unique ability to connect with a wide variety of customers, to bring real value to her clients. Since we’ve added JoDee to our trade show effort, we’ve seen dramatically increased booth traffic, much better lead generation, and a whole lot more buzz at the shows. If you are looking for the same results, we recommend teaming with JoDee Anderson.”
Tony Wyman, Vice President of Marketing, Honeywell First Responder Products

“JoDee is a true professional. Her ability to communicate and drive traffic to the booth is second to none. JoDee is one of our team and we hope to keep it that way and expand the relationship.”
Brian McCauley, Salisbury by Honeywell

“Salisbury by Honeywell has been utilizing JoDee Anderson for years. There is no doubt that without JoDee our shows would not have been as successful. JoDee’s unique talent of engaging attendees is unsurpassed as she not only has the ability build a large audience, but also can keep them actively engaged in her presentation. It is extremely rare that you meet someone that has the passion, organization, enthusiasm and professionalism as JoDee as she clearly has all these traits. We won’t do a strategic show without her!”
Jenny Tallis, NTT Group

“JoDee is a Real pro and always prepared. She knows her stuff and always draws a crowd and works that crowd asking questions and getting engagement. People love JoDee. She is confident and polished, funny and friendly and always smiling. She has a unique ability to process complex product hyperbole and simplify it to her audience. She is a great spokesperson for Honeywell with presence, poise and polish.”
James Strohecker, Honeywell Analytics

“Your contribution to the event was extremely valuable. Your smile, knowledge, professionalism and overall contribution did not go without notice. They say, “You are a Rock Star”, and I agree.”
Iona West, Honeywell Users Group

“We have been utilizing Red7 Live for many years now and their quality of services is always consistently the best. During our shows Red7 Live is continually running product and services demos not only to engage the audience but also to educate on technical aspects while making it fun. Our lead count is always very generous and allow us to do many valuable customer follow-ups. Red7 definitively maximizes our show and both investments in a very positive way.”
- Salisbury Assessment Solutions, Honeywell Salisbury

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