Meet Aylin Werner

Aylin (“eye-leen”) earned her bachelor in acting from FSH University in Germany. She studied acting, speaking incl. phonetics and voice over for over 3 1/2 years. Her first time working in front of a camera was at the age of 5. While growing up she had her first acting, model and brand ambassador jobs. Being in the industry for over 20 years, she is absolutely professional, entertaining, authentic, inspiring and engaging in front of a camera and especially in front of an audience. Working mostly for television and film all over the world, Aylin enjoys the balance of her speaking career, from holding IT presentations for several global companies at trade shows/conventions to interviewing and hosting, she got it all.
Next to her native language German, she also speaks English and Turkish, Farsi and some Spanish. From working internationally as an actress, speaker and brand ambassador, she can adopt scripts and languages very fast, “communication is the key!” that’s why she’s interested in different cultures and languages. This is always a door opener for the client she is working for, getting in touch with potential new customers and business partners.
Aylin is a passionate, multitalented, hard working, eye-catcher who knows how to get the attention to engage the audience you want to reach – to reach your company goals to the possible maximum and to share your unique business philosophy.




“We have been utilizing Red7 Live for many years now and their quality of services is always consistently the best. During our shows Red7 Live is continually running product and services demos not only to engage the audience but also to educate on technical aspects while making it fun. Our lead count is always very generous and allow us to do many valuable customer follow-ups. Red7 definitively maximizes our show and both investments in a very positive way.”
- Salisbury Assessment Solutions, Honeywell Salisbury

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"Thanks for all you did at AHR...the halls were buzzing yesterday as everyone returned from the show!" - Jill Rosset, Sr. Manager Marketing Communications, Honeywell Analytics